Medusa Snake Hoops Earrings - Ruby and black
Maine + Mara

Medusa Snake Hoops Earrings - Ruby and black

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Fearsome but graceful, these curvy, slithering serpents in glossy black and engraved steel are studded with glittering red mirrored gems. Hanging from a silver steel hoop, allows them to be comfortably worn with multiple piercings. To capture movement and reflect light, a teeny twinkling stone dances at the tip of its tail. These lightweight, all-empowering jewels are comfortable enough for all-day wear. Stand tall, be strong, and take back your power with MEDUSA.

  • Designed and beautifully handmade in Australia.
  • Marbled black, Ruby Red mirror and Brushed Silver Dangle.
  • A 2cm stainless steel hoop, with a 1.5cm x 6cm Snake Pendant tipped with a gem drop.
  • Lightweight and Nickel Free.

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